Celebrate in Style-New Year's

Celebrate in Style-New Year's

Celebrate in Style-New Year's

Let's welcome a new year and a new decade!

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Are you guys ready for 2020? It sounds so futuristic and exciting. New Year's is such a fun time to look forward to new beginnings and reflect on happy memories. Whether you'll be doing this out and about or cozy at home, Sophie has some great options to celebrate the new year in.

All three of these tops could translate into everyday life, too! 

Emerald, ruby, and champagne are beautiful and opulent colors. They set a great tone for a great year.

Textures in the 20's

One of my favorite ways to get ready for the new year is to add some textures to my look. Velvet, satin, and silk create dimension and interest in otherwise basic looks. This is great for when you want something to feel and look special, but don't want to create something completely new. Putting on one of these tops with your jeans and booties would make a festive look. You could also throw on leather or coated leggings and sparkly earrings if you wanted to spice them up, too.

Get Decked Out

I can't help thinking of the 1920's when prepping for the 2020's. This long, spice colored dress reminds me of the costumes in The Great Gatsby. It's a subtle comparison, but the fabric, waist, and length give me 20's vibes. I think pairing this dress with a classy, pointed toe option and dangly earrings would be a fun, throwback 20's look, while a chunkier open toe shoe  and some studs would be a fresh 20's take. I think styling hair in Hollywood waves or a slick ponytail would both be winning takes with this sleek dress.

Another look I love is the animal print midi. It's fun, festive, and fresh. I also like how versatile it is. You can wear it over and over, and into spring. For New Year's, I think styling it with a bodysuit or sweater would be adorable. I also like classic heels with this skirt. If you wanted to stay warm, booties would be a great option. Wearing dainty jewelry would compliment this style, but I think fun pieces, like Keona Elise's custom earrings would be great, too.

Bundle Up

One element of New Year's in Southwest Missouri is being ready for the elements. A coat is typically a must. I love these classic styles for evening and daytime looks.

I have a black and tan trench that have lasted me years. And I think a furry option adds an element of fun and coziness.

All Dolled Up

Another thing I love for an evening out is trying out a new makeup look. These are some of my favorites I've seen lately. 

Samantha Ravendahl matches her lips to her tips for a fun, vampy look.

Mariah Leonard does a monochromatic look with orangey-red.

Allanah Davidson has a clean eye look with a juicy, orange lip.

Jamie Paige wears a chocolate smokey eye and lip. 

If your New Year's plans look anything like mine, Sophie also offers great loungewear pieces! I hope you guys have a great start to 2020, and I'll see you in the new year!




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