Work and School Appropriate Clothes That Can Still Keep You Cool

Work and School Appropriate Clothes That Can Still Keep You Cool

Work and School Appropriate Clothes That Can Still Keep You Cool

The start of school is fast approaching, but we’re stuck with 90+ degree weather for another (most likely) two and a half months. When it’s Saturday and I am out and about running errands, I wear workout shorts. When it’s a Tuesday and I need to run across town to pick things up for work, I can’t wear shorts.

So instead, I get creative and tailor my outfits so they are as breezy and light as possible, but also appropriate and professional enough for meeting clients and representing my company. From May to October, these are my go-to tricks for staying cool when the weather - and my stress - is hot.

Light Layers

The easiest and fastest thing to do when you get too hot is to take a layer off. It’s also the easiest and fastest thing to do when you hit that glorious air conditioning at school or at the office. Make sure your bottom layer is still work or school appropriate. What’s the point of the extra layer if your only choices are 1) take off said extra layer and feel uncomfortable because bra straps are showing, and 2) Keep on said layer and feel uncomfortable because now you have pit stains? Light-knit blazers, cardigans, and jackets are perfect options for you. My other go-to “layer” is a scarf. Oh, the wonders of a scarf. I generally buy neutral, long scarfs (rather than infinity or square) because they work wonderfully wrapped around the neck or as a shawl. You really can’t go wrong.


One of the most glorious trends right now is the breezy pant and capri. I have multiple pairs of these comfortable pants because I find them flattering, cool, and fun to walk in. The wide fabric doesn’t stick to your skin like jeans do or cause your thighs to chafe like dresses do. They’re also wonderfully versatile through the seasons. I sometimes pair mine with a partially-tucked sweater, wool blazer, or leather jacket.


I am a dress kind of gal. I love that dresses are a one-and-done deal, that I don’t have to wear multiple items of clothing, and that they’re comfortable. Dresses also work really well with bomber, leather, and jean jackets; blazers; scarves; and dusters (for maxi dresses). They’re obviously a good choice for staying cool (hello, breezes), and are easy to dress up or down.

I consider it to be important not to be a large sweat ball as I go through my day, so I make conscious decisions about what articles of clothing will work for me and for work.


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