When You're Thinking About Your Momma

When You're Thinking About Your Momma

When You're Thinking About Your Momma

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! I am not a mother but I still know it’s a special day. The thing I often struggled with when I was younger, though, is that it’s not a special day for me. I am still guilty of being in that mindset where I really don’t care if it’s a significant day but I am not involved in it. Birthdays especially, which is silly because I know I want my birthday to be special as possible, but I’m not willing/capable to make it so for someone else.

This past birthday was like that. My family was far away and it was hard for me to feel really loved. It didn’t feel like my birthday. I wanted more people to do more and make it a great day for me. I was extra upset when that didn’t happen.

So, first of all, make sure you reach out to people on their significant days. You have no idea how much it might mean to them. But second of all, Mother’s Day is for your momma, so treat her like the queen she is. This woman pushed you out of her vagina. Yeah, that part of her. The poor thing deserves everything in the world. Then she had to deal with sleep deprivation and loss of (most likely most of her) sanity just to keep you alive. She helped you talk and walk, she made you eat your vegetables but more often made you cookies. She went to your super boring sports games and theater shows and cello performances. My mom dug a comb through my hairspray and gel-ed hair as I screamed because I was too nervous to go up on stage. And she somehow put eye shadow on my tiny and flighty eyes. Can you imagine?

Then, as we grew up, our mothers had to deal with our immaturity and sassiness. And they were lucky if it was just sassiness. Teenagers are mean. My mother finally received some recognition when I went to college and lived off campus. Not only was she paying for everything, but I realized how freaking hard it is to cook a well-balanced meal every night, work, go to class, have a social life, do laundry, and get enough sleep.

Are you starting to get it? When your mom has you, her life isn’t her own anymore. She puts everything she’s got into making you the best person you can be. Give something back tomorrow on Mother’s Day. Show some love, respect, and gratitude for the woman who does it all.


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