Want to Unplug?

Want to Unplug?

Want to Unplug?

Want to unplug? Sometimes I do. 

I work a standard desk job, which means I'm staring at a computer screen for about eight hours every day. And then when I take lunch at my desk, I'm on my phone looking up YouTube videos and checking social media. On the weekends I love watching movies and HGTV shows...for hours on end. It's a lot of screen time. I do often believe the arguments that say our technology separates us from connection. Connection with other people and the world around us. I've never had a meaningful conversation with a friend through text. I've never truly experienced culture by looking at Instagram handles that focus on travel. If you can do those things, awesome, good for you. But really? Can you?

I am not the kind of person who cares about followers or creates posts simply to get as many likes as possible. I don't lose sleep over my social media presence. Some people really do care, though. And I have to say, it seems like a lot of wasted brain space. Regardless, I feel like I constantly have to be entertained by my technology. Yesterday - which was an absolutely gorgeous day - I went out on my deck to enjoy the sunshine and brought my computer. *face palm* 

Yes, a lot of my screen time is necessary - I also get paid for it, but I would really like to try and unplug on my downtime. If I need a five-minute break from the chaos of my work I don't want to immediately grab my phone. I would like to walk around the office, chat with my coworkers, or just close my eyes and breathe. If I'm home alone on the weekend, instead of vegging on the couch watching movies I would like to grab my paint set, read, take the dog for a long walk, do chores around the house, or reach out to my girlfriends. There really are a ton of things I can do without my computer, TV, phone, or tablet. Truly.

Yesterday I took my dog for an extremely long walk, mopped my floors (goodness gracious they needed it), went shopping, and met my friends for dinner. It was so incredibly wonderful. Then, after my day spent in the sun, around the people I love, and doing productive things, I sat down with my significant other and watched a superhero movie. Hey, I'm a millennial, I can't completely unplug ;)  


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