Top Five Pinterest Tries

Top Five Pinterest Tries

Top Five Pinterest Tries

I used to think I knew what DIY was. And then my mom whipped out the Pinterest board and showed me all kinds of crafts for Christmas. I was overwhelmed with inspiration! These ideas not only resulted in the cutest little knick-knacks, but also gave us the most fun time with our family. So to kick off the most lovely time of the year (aka December 1st) we are going to talk about a couple of crafts you can do with your family or kids! Don’t tune out just yet if you don’t have kids! We didn’t even have anyone under the age of 20 with us when we were all doing crafts… so don’t count yourself out just yet!

Don’t be immediately discouraged when you lay your eyes on the picture above! These adorable candle holders started out as plain old mason jars! So it’s actually super simple to put these together! The only fall back with these is waiting for the glued on fake snow to dry before actually setting them out on your wooden or granite counter top. All you need for this project is twine, fake snow, liquid glue, a couple of fake mistletoe branches, and then some old mason jars that you don’t use anymore! You can start by dipping the jars in glue, or you can paint the liquid glue on. The fake snow can either be sprinkled on, or for a thicker application, you can dip it into a bowl of the snow. I also like to add in a little bit of glitter while I can. Because if it doesn’t sparkle then how will it stand out? Then typically you want to let it set for a whole day just so you can be sure that all the snow and glitter has permanently latched on. Then you get to wrap it up with some twine, tying a knot around the mistletoe. For a less festive option, you can always tie up some dried eucalyptus or rosemary in place of the mistletoe. Lastly, you can place your baby candles right inside the refurnished mason jars!

So I have seen the reindeer done a couple of different ways! You could even use the pinecone for the body if need be! I really liked this picture of the head, so I went ahead and took this one off of Pinterest. All you need to do is grab some twigs, a pinecone, some fuzzy little balls, googly eyes, and some festive string and ribbon. The ears are optional, but if you like those you can grab some old fabric or buy some brown fabric that appear to be fuzzy. Oh! Don’t forget the hot-glue-gun! I love those things! They really just make my day when I have a craft or something I just cannot get to stick with tape or tac. Putting together your reindeer is sort of all the user’s choice. If you prefer, you can also turn the pinecone around so he has a longer nose. (That is what I did.) And voilà! You’ve got a new Christmas ornament!

I saw this scrolling through Pinterest this morning! How cute is this? Perfect for some affordable decor, that looks oh so bougie! So grab an old book, or perhaps newspaper! Cut out a small (or big) shape that looks like a leaf! Then use that cut out to do the same to another sheet. Grab some wire, and glue them together, with the wire in the middle, appearing to be the stem. Once the leaf has dried, cut it the sides of the leaf however you want! Then take some gold or silver glitter and place it in a small bowl. Dip the leaf in some liquid glue, and right after dip directly into the bowl of glitter! Some people do the whole leaf in glitter—like me—and others just do the very end of the leaf to give the leaves a gentle sparkle!

What will you choose? Give us a shout out on social media when you post your results! We love to hear from you!


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