Tis' the Season for Lounge

Tis' the Season for Lounge

Tis' the Season for Lounge

Fall on the horizon

As we transition our wardrobe from the warm, full sun into the crisp air of autumn we not only change our clothes, but also our schedules. Being on the go doesn't exactly give us enough time to choose our entire ensemble every morning. We want the ease of waking up to the perfect outfit and running along with our fast-paced schedules. Whether it is picking the kids up from practice or heading to the next ball game, we want confident and comfortable! 

The new loungin apparel gives me the ease of choosing my attire without a second thought and a perfect first look. Being constantly in motion, we want a comfortable top that can make us look beautiful, yet effortless. The new Athena top, overlaid in leopard print, dips into a discreet V-neck in front. This sweater is perfect for layering on the jewelry. Our model, Audrey, pictured above, has chose a simple set of gold necklaces to draw a sweet and simple outfit together.

A must need for our wardrobe is a pair of dark, high-waisted jeans. With these snug denims, we have an easy access to our fast and furious style. High-waisted jeans immediately lengthen the legs and draw in the waist. These bottoms are nicely paired with a neutral, black belt.

A light-toned shirt and deep, rich denim creates a very slimming look that draws the attention up top, towards the face. Audrey's light ash-colored hair goes beautifully with our new animal-printed top! The attention is not drawn to her bottoms, but passed light-heartedly to her face. 

Lastly, to tie in the look, Audrey wears a pair of chic, black booties. A comfortable boot with a simple heel gives the impression of a fashion with the comfortable sole of an everyday shoe.

This is crucial to finishing off this casual, comfy look!

As the leaves change, so do we! These are some sweet tips on how to keep up with our ever-changing schedules!


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