Tips for Quickly Improving Your Style

Tips for Quickly Improving Your Style

Tips for Quickly Improving Your Style

Looking in the mirror before I leave the house, I hate to have a "meh" expression because of my outfit. "Dress to Impress (Yourself)" is the ideal I like to apply to my everyday style. Needless to say, the "meh" expression does not help me to achieve that ideal. 

Sure, sometimes I wear lackluster outfits because I'm lazy and don't care how I look, other times it's because I didn't have the time to create a stylish outfit. Over the years I have kept these easy, time-sensitive style tips in my back pocket for when I need them most. 


Know the Value of Accessories (and When Too Many Accessories is Really Too Much)

Stack rings, a delicate necklace with small studs, a hat, and a stack of (Beljoy?!) bracelets are all wonderful additions to any outfit. Granted, some of those combos only work for certain outfits, and all of those accessories together would be atrocious. Accessories are interesting pieces that catch the eye of people around you. Some accessories like thick bracelets, ear cuffs, or septum rings can add a subtle edge to your look--something it wouldn't have with only the blue jeans and black v-neck. Beljoy bracelets can add an earthy tone to your style. Each accessory you buy will add something to your outfit, believe me. Again, too many accessories can really ruin a look. Steer away from wearing earrings with statement necklaces or hats; wearing earrings, necklace, rings, and bracelets at the same time; scarves should be worn with simple, solid color tops. If you have to ask yourself, "Is this too much?" It's probably too much.

Jazz Up Solid Colors with a Neck Scarf

This tip is easy: if you're rocking a simple tee, but want to make your outfit a bit more interesting, add a patterned neck scarf. I've been obsessed with this trend ever since it has come back. The neck scarf is classy and gorgeous. You can wear it for a day spent in the city or at the office. Neck scarf = insta-chic.

Go Bold with your Earrings

Keep in mind tip #1, though. When wearing (generally) solid colors, a pop of color from bold earrings looks amazing. I have a favorite pair of large earrings shaped like girls playing guitar. They're vintage, they were my mothers, they're amazing. I pair them with a simple, taupe dress or my green v-neck. The earrings instantly bring attention to my face and make the outfit so much more interesting. 

Add Heels to your Jeans

This tip is simple as well: throw on a pair of heels with your jeans rather than wearing sandals. Not only will it give you some height (shoutout to my fellow short ladies), but it makes your outfit feel much more fancy and chic. This style tip might not be great for a day out walking, so use your best judgment. 


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