The Ideal Summer Wardrobe

The Ideal Summer Wardrobe

The Ideal Summer Wardrobe

Summer is officially here and that means putting away my sweaters and leggings and pulling out my dresses and shorts. I have grudgingly acknowledged that I own a ton of clothes (I like to convince myself that I wear them all), but when it comes to summer and staying cool, you really only need a few essentials.


The Perfect Pair of Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are perfect because I’ll toss them on with an old college tee or a fancy lace blouse. I will put stress on the word “perfect” here because there are an ungodly amount of jeans less comfortable than stepping on Legos. I found a pair of Dear John jean shorts from Sophie last summer and I honestly don’t wear my other jean shorts anymore.


Linen Button-Up

A linen button-up is for a summer work outfit, the days spent mostly indoors, and the somewhat less-hot nights. A lightweight, collared long sleeve feels both casual and sophisticated. (This item is also easily worn ALL seasons, you’re welcome).


Flowy, Midi Skirt

Oh, what is my life without skirts? I love both midi and maxi skirts for the spring, summer, and fall because they’re comfortable and versatile. I’ll wear a skirt with a t-shirt, sweater, cami and scarf, crop name it. Longer skirts are flattering and also the best garment to wear in the car or on an airplane because they are both cool and covering. It also doesn’t hurt that they make me feel classy and feminine.



I know the value of protecting my scalp, not to mention my eyes, from the sun. My staple is a normal baseball cap for a casual look, but I also have my eye out for a straw boat hat that I can wear with aforementioned skirts and less casual attire. If you find an affordable one, let me know.


Comfortable Dress

I, to my delight, own about 40 dresses. I know that is crazy. I really do, but this is the case where I honestly wear them all. I also wear dresses so often that I need to have more than a few in order to have some variety in my outfits. Find yourself quality dresses you can lounge in and find some for nicer occasions. You’ll look fabulous, I guarantee it.


Easy Slip-Ons

I always have Target sandals at my disposal. They’re affordable and go with anything. I have white, brown, and black variations that I can easily slip on and literally wear with anything. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the color, though. A pop of red to an otherwise neutral outfit is adorable and exciting.


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