The Cutest Shoes for Comfort

The Cutest Shoes for Comfort

The Cutest Shoes for Comfort

We've all been there. A wedding. Work. Easter with the family. A night out. 45 minutes in and your feet KILL. Sure, they look killer in the adorable pair of shoes your wearing, but I'm talking about the bone-crushing, arches-aching pain from spending too long in said killer shoes. 

I would consider myself a sensible dresser. I don't wear dresses too cold for an occasion, I don't wear jeans too tight for a day spent sitting, and I try my hardest to not wear shoes that are going to end up hurting my feet. I hope all of you, readers, strive to do the same. So I inspected, tried on, and tested the glorious wall of shoes at Sophie. And besides having an incredibly long list of shoes I want to buy, I found the eight comfiest, and cutest, pairs of shoes for you to rock any occasion. 

The key for me to stay comfortable is to find a shoe that has a small heel. Flat shoes offer no support for your arches and they bring a lot of weight crashing down onto your heels. A small lift helps to balance me out (believe it or not). 

The block heel on this shoe offers extra support, and the top doesn't cut into your foot as you walk. I found these to be perfect for giving my feet air to breathe.

Funky Town $59.50

This shoe is the ultimate transition into fall, but can be worn throughout spring and summer. Versatile! Ooh la la. The covering of this shoe is incredibly soft and flexible. It fits to your foot without suffocating it. Plus, it comes in other colors! Come check it out ;)

Tallulah $79.99 and up

I can't stop staring at these two pairs of shoes. They offer the same support, but come in these different styles and colors. There is thick padding that gives your foot extra comfort, and the big plus for me is the platform. I'm very short so a little extra oomph without the (bone-crushing, arches-aching) sky-high heels is refreshing. 

Charlee $79.50 & August $64.99 (only 1 size left!)

Yes, these might be a little obvious on the comfort-factor, but they are by far the cutest tennis shoes you will ever see. Dress down without losing style with these two ultra soft tennies. 

Denise & Marlum $44.50

These adorable, textured shoes have a thick sole with lots of padding. I noticed that the shoe still allows your foot to breathe even when you're not wearing socks. I call that a win-win.

Somers $89

Get fancy without all the fuss in these shoes! I loved these shoes because of the low, block heel and comfy straps. 

Here We Go $59.50


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