The "Boutique"

The "Boutique"

The "Boutique"

Sophie is one of the many boutiques in Joplin, MO, but what exactly is a boutique? The general definition is any small store (boutique literally means "shop" in French), but a clothing boutique often sells stylish, luxury goods. Many boutiques offer hand-made items like the Beljoy brand that Sophie sells, and unique products many customers cannot find anywhere else. 

That is the beauty of boutiques. Every one is different. Boutiques can be found in big cities or small towns and they still offer something new to customers. Each store has a slightly different style: sporty, teens, ultra upscale, jewelry only, beachy, business attire, adult, etc. Customers are steering away from big name brand clothing articles and searching the boutique market for items that are unique, well-made, and special.  

Sophie is no exception, so come down and check out what we have to offer--we just got new items in! 


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