The Best Fabrics For Summer

The Best Fabrics For Summer

The Best Fabrics For Summer

It’s hot. I know. I’m dying, you’re dying… There is little reprieve from a scorching sun and I-swear-I-can-drink-this humidity unless you have a sturdy air conditioner or river nearby. In the summer, I hardly leave my apartment. It’s a balmy and constant 74 degrees so I bask on my couch and drink my iced tea, or wine if it’s after noon ;) Nevertheless, we do often have to leave our air conditioning and brave the weather, so making sure you are fresh, comfortable, and covered in as little sweat as possible comes down to the clothes you put on. So I did a little research to help the poor souls that need to take at least a few steps outside: what are some the best fabrics to wear in the summer?

Cotton is a wonderful fabric for hot weather. Sometimes I grimace at the idea of throwing on an old, cotton school tee because they always seem so hot and heavy. But cotton is a natural fiber--it absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Lightweight cotton is breathable and comfortable. It’s a much better choice over both polyester and rayon--both of which wick moisture, causing unpleasant pools of that unpleasant sweat.

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Another fabric to keep in mind when you want to stay cool is chambray. It’s so light, so breezy, so comfy. Try to choose chambray over denim. Sure, those skinny jeans look real good with those legs AND the tank you just bought, but it’s heavy and sticks to your body in uncomfortable ways.

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Need I say much about lace? Lace garments are possibly the most breathable. Duh. You’ll be feeling breezes everywhere. Plus, they are a good way to show off that cute bralette in your closet. Lace is a nice way to dress up any outfit because of the gorgeous designs it comes in. So go to that swanky barbeque--is there such thing?--and be the coolest, cutest cat around in lace shift dress.

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