Thanksgiving Pro Tips

Thanksgiving Pro Tips

Thanksgiving Pro Tips

So. I think that we need to talk about decor. What does your living room currently look like? Do you have leaves hanging from behind the TV? Or maybe you're more old school and have some Fall pillows that you take out after Halloween? Okay, I know that some people think it's silly to decorate for Fall, because Christmas is literally right around the corner! So why get everything all decorated for fall when we are right about to plow into the Christmas season? Well, here is my only good reason for you and it's two words -- Thanksgiving dinner.  

With Thanksgiving arriving this week decor must be up! Is it really Thanksgiving without all of the cute pumpkins and cinnamon pinecones? I don't believe it is. Looking back to my childhood I realize that most of my memories were centered around two major things: The people and my surroundings. I can't tell if you can relate spot on to those two things; however, I can tell you that there is something so special about driving back home to see the thoughtful little decorations put up! It simply puts me in the mood for the Holidays! So in light of Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to share a couple of "pro tips" for decorating that I have picked up along the way! 

I absolutely love letter signs. They are now (and most likely forever) going to be a huge trend. I have seen that wooden signs are the big go-to this year. Especially for weddings! The great thing about these is that you can you them year round! It doesn't matter if it's spring or the dead of winter. "Hello" is always acceptable, of course! On the other hand, Are these not the cutest little pumpkins? This is not something I have seen yet! These are rectangular! Okay, so tip time! You can actually make these really easily! Just grab a couple of old planks from your garage and cut them in various heights, then BOOM. You've got yourself a couple of canvases! Whip out some orange paint, and maybe even some red and white to add some variety of color within each plank. Then give them some time over night to dry. The next morning just add some twine with hot glue (usually you can get this wider twine in the gift wrapping section -- double whammy -- you can use the extra for wrapping gifts later!) The next part couldn't get easier!  Just grab a couple of thicker twigs from outside and hot glue them on top! For a little more pizazz you can twirl on some straw to give it that vintage--unkept look! Pictured above with the "diy" pumpkins is a leaf tree! This is almost like a foreshadowing of Christmas. A lot of these are sold at Michael's or Hobby Lobby!

When I saw these three stacked pumpkins, I couldn't help but snap a picture. Look at the topper! He is a crazy little guy! It sort of captures my inner Holiday spirit! Especially with the crazy "hair" on top! I am also so in love with the little table overlay in the background. It is so simplistic. Little leaves and a single word. A little goes a long way! I think one of my favorite things to do is to add a little bit of "me" into the decorations. Then it really feels like everything has that personal touch! When people walk in they will tell you too! I have had people say "Oh my gosh, that is so 'you...'" I know, isn't it crazy? But it's the truth and it makes decorating, oh so very fun!

Here's the last one I have for you ladies today! The actual thing I want to focus on the most in this picture is actual that pretty white base board! Did you know that this was "diy"? It boggles my mind! It looks like it was store bought! And expensive! But these are actually quite easy to make! You just need some old scrap wood, a sander, and a pair of two nice handles (with nails of course)! I believe they used an off-white paint on this one. On another one I saw they had simply stained it white! I love this one though! And when I saw this hollow metal pumpkin, I took note really fast! It's sort of a neat way to throw a bunch of stuff together without feeling like it all has to be perfect and have a specific spot. It just all goes together really well! A little bit of layering and and color scheming is all you truly need for seasonal decoration! 

So after all these tips, which one do you feel is most like you? Or did these create some creativity in your mind to try something else? Something new? Tag #SophieShoes and post some pictures! We love to see all your fun creations and be a part of your holiday fun! See you soon!


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