Summer Accessories In Store Now!

Summer Accessories In Store Now!

Summer Accessories In Store Now!

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to accessorize for summer. This season offers the perfect chance to get outside and do something, so go out prepared with all the items you'll need to have the perfect summer. Sophie has you covered! As the heat turns up, come in and find something that makes it a bit more bearable. 

I don't know about you, but when I head to the pool or beach, I bring a lot of stuff. Sunscreen, glasses, lip balm, and some extra foundation (for emergencies). These summer themed, water-proof and sand-proof pouches are perfect to keep all that stuff in one place. Protect your things, but also admire those adorable designs. 

These straw bags are super trendy right now, and the architecture of this bag is a definite show stopper. Just remember, don't drop your change in this purse ;)

Sophie also has hats and koozies for the ultimate relaxed weekend. Protect your eyes and face in this adorable chill hat, and pop your soda, water, beer, etc. in a bright and cute koozie. 

I love seeing these little guys in the pool! Last year I bought myself a shark can pool float and I bring it with me to the pool every time I go. Pick from a deserted island, mermaid's tale, and flamingo pal to help you hold your can. 

My lips easily get chapped and burnt in the sun, so I always have something on me to provide a bit of relief and protection. These scents are almost too enticing, so pucker up.

My new mermaid tail can floatie and lip balm are now joining me as I head to the pool. Remember to always protect yourself from the sun and heat, and have fun this Memorial Day weekend and summer!


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