Style Inspiration - Watch a Movie

Style Inspiration - Watch a Movie

Style Inspiration - Watch a Movie

Okay so it sounds a little like fake homework, and more time consuming than scrolling through Pinterest, but watching movies has by far been the most enjoyable way to find surprising style inspiration. 

For a while, I would fill my shopping cart with items I always considered to be staples. Here's this gray cardigan I can pair over almost any t shirt, those are shorts I can wear with anything. Needless to say, I now have too many staples. Too many v-neck shirts and cardigans that really don't add much to my outfits. Simple can be wonderful and easy-going but simple for me was boring. I needed inspiration to find ways to use my current wardrobe and create really wonderful outfits (or find new outfits entirely). 

Have any of you seen Under the Tuscan Sun? First of all it's a gorgeous movie, but the shots of Diane Lane exploring Tuscany in simple linens, suede dresses, and high-waisted Levi's had me aching for a late 90s/early 2000s style. It all felt so classic. Emma Stone's character in The Amazing Spider-Man had me buying pieces that created an ultra preppy chic. Sex and the City 2 gave me starry eyes when Sarah Jessica Parker walked around Morocco in a huge maxi skirt and casual tee. Surprisingly, I have not been inspired by Clueless, but I can pretty much guarantee that someone else will be. We can find inspiration in any movie or tv show we see, old or new. Breakfast at Tiffany's will forever give me fashion feels. Look anywhere, or look somewhere again; you'll find it. 



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