Sophie's Shop Has Shoes For Every Occasion

Sophie's Shop Has Shoes For Every Occasion

Sophie's Shop Has Shoes For Every Occasion

I grew up surrounded by shoe boxes. My mom has a small fetish for Nordstrom and Zappos shoes. By the time I was 13 years-old, she started having me hide the Zappos boxes that were out on the front porch when I got home from school so my dad wouldn’t see. So, naturally, I have nearly always had a shoe for every occasion.

I am a great supporter of minimalism, I think the people who truly live by minimalism seem so fresh and clean in their lives. I can’t call myself a minimalist, though. By no means is my apartment cluttered with weird, unnecessary things, but I wouldn’t suffer to get rid of a few extra mugs and decorative pieces. My closet is a similar case. I have a lot of clothes, but I honestly wear everything I have because I don’t like my wardrobe to seem like I wear the same thing every day. So back to the fact that I have a shoe for every occasion. Oh, that makes me happy. And summer has many occasions. Weddings, date nights, winery with the gals, trip to the grocery store, a night at the barbecue, outdoor many things to do! Below is a list of some of my favorite Sophie shoes that will help you look prepared for everything you do.

Finesse ($54.50)

The sandal for summer concerts. I would pair these shoes with shorts and casual, flirty, or boho tops.

Stephanie ($49.50

Mules are the best because they pair with most everything, and they complement spring, summer, and fall outfits. I like mules with dresses (midi-length and up), printed shorts (not typically jean), cuffed skinny jeans or destroyed boyfriend jeans, and capri-length work pants. They tend to dress up an outfit but don’t wear for really nice occasions.

Madgey ($79.50)

The olive color on these flat, casual sandals is my new favorite trend. I love that I can wear this color through any season, so these shoes really will work perfectly for warm spring and fall nights, and throughout summer. Again, this is a casual shoe. I wouldn’t recommend wearing with dresses, but all jeans and shorts are fair game.

Sayuri ($64.50)

We always need a pop of color! These adorable sandals curve like Birkenstocks (just without the hefty price tag), and have enough flirty fun to dress up an otherwise neutral outfit. These shoes are also great to pair with jeans and shorts, I would also wear with maxi dresses and casual day dresses.

Janna ($129.50)

I couldn’t resist the thick sole and amazing detail on these shoes. With a gold shoe, keep the rest of your outfit simple with few patterns and colors.

Sun Kissed ($44.50)

Embroidery is still my favorite thing under the sun, and with the different color options these shoes come in, pretty much any-colored outfit you wear is going to work. Limit the number of colors on your top and bottom, and add an adorable, feminine flair with these stylish sandals!


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