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Paddy Wax

Without indugling in all of the senses of life, how could we enjoy it to the fullest? can i tell you a secret? i have a slight obsession with scents. Have you heard that each scent has the ability to take us back to a specific moment in our past? i totally see this happen when i put on some new lotion. sometimes a specific scent can capture a feeling that i haven't experienced since my childhood. 

The sense of smell is a lot stronger than we give it credit. Aroma therapy is becoming a lot more popular because of its realized effects and well-known ability to have healing properties. 

the two bar soaps we have stop me every time. you can definitely catch me picking up a bar of soap to simply smell it. is that something you find yourself doing... or is it just me? 

the rosewood vanilla takes me back to doing rosewater face masks way too late at night. it has a very sweet sense, but it reminds me of peace amongst the business of life. when you have time to relax and pamper yourself, let me encourage you to do it! if you don't give yourself free-time, who will? a little bit of rose and vanilla with a steamy bath leaves you with an after-shower bliss.

eucaluptus santal should be given some extra attention! refreshing with a touch of musk, paddy wax created such a lovely combination to make a gal like me feel rejuvenated and awakened in the morning. 

a little bit of joy for your evening as well... whether it's to light up your night or to spruce up the remainder of your afternoon, there is a candle set aside for your personal desires. 

 paddy wax has a line of impression candles that will be perfect for stocking stuffers this year! whether it is a last minute throw in or a well-sniffed out gift, 


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