Need a Day Out Without Breaking the Bank?

Need a Day Out Without Breaking the Bank?

Need a Day Out Without Breaking the Bank?

There are some weekends and free days that I really don't want to do chores or sit on the couch. Sometimes I actually want to plan a day filled with fun activities. Sometimes I need to get out and feel like I'm doing something someone can be jealous of. Sometimes I need more material for Instagram posts ;)

The catch? I have a very limited amount of spending money after I pay for monthly bills. I can't go shopping, to an amusement park or aquarium, out to dinner, etc. every day. I can barely go out once a week. With my tight budget, I've learned a few ways to keep costs down and stored some ideas that keep my free days at a relatively low cost. 

Hit up a farmer's market. You actually don't have to buy anything! I enjoy just walking through the stalls, smelling the flowers for sale, being outside, and people watching. 

Organize a picnic with friends. Potluck is the cheapest option for everyone. Plus, picnic foods can almost always be found in your fridge anyway. All you really need is cheese, right?

Go to a diner. Without fail, diner food is always satisfyingly cheap. I like to go for breakfast because breakfast is the best meal of the day, and choose a simple (not very expensive) but delicious meal. 

Visit a local beach, park, or outdoor area. Being outside with friends is an instant mood booster.

Find a free museum (or go on a free day). Museums are full of culture, history, and slow moving people. Immerse yourself in knowledge - learn something new!

Don't go out - stay in! But make it an event. I have had countless in-house get togethers. Plan a wine night (wine, cheese, grapes, chocolate, and good conversation), craft night (Pinterest it up), pizza-making party (crust, cheese, sauce, toppings), spa day (face masks, nail polish, cucumbers), movie marathon (popcorn), or anything you enjoy doing! You can make any night an adventure with just a few starter items and good friends. Sharing costs between the people attending keeps costs low. 


Do you have any of your own suggestions for fun activities on a budget? Comment below! We'd love to hear from you!


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