My Favorite Outfit At Sophie - NOW!

My Favorite Outfit At Sophie - NOW!

My Favorite Outfit At Sophie - NOW!

Of course I have a favorite! I love to go into a store and find a full outfit, walking out, and knowing that tomorrow I will be covered in head to toe fabulousness. It's such a wonderful feeling. This is my favorite right now, because right now I am feeling simple, adorable, and feminine. Tomorrow it may be a snazzy outfit, but today it is this wonderful combo:

Summer Love Embroidered Top


Joyrich Crop Comfort Skinny Jean


Agyness Shoe

$59.97 (was $74.50!)

Embroidered clothing gives me a reason to live, so it's no surprise that this top is on my must-have list. The white top goes with anything, adds a feminine flair with its embroidery, and is extremely flattering. Wearing the top with skinny jeans is perfect (because, again, I'm feeling simple) and effortless. The Agyness shoe is on sale right now, which makes me positively giddy. I love that in this outfit these leopard print shoes are paired with a girly, floral top because it's edgy, but in a barely there type of way. Also, these shoes are adorable all on their own. They'd go with almost anything! From top to bottom, this outfit is working for me, so if you see someone walking down the street wearing it, it's me, Sarah! Now go find your own look in-store or at!


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