My Favorite Items for Spring

My Favorite Items for Spring

My Favorite Items for Spring

Spring means variable temperatures, frigid mornings, sunny afternoons, chilly rains, hot afternoons, and the precarious balance one must find in clothing. My biggest struggle in spring is actually three big struggles: how do I limit the exposure of my incredibly pale legs, how do I stay warm enough in the mornings and afternoons but cool enough during the day, and how do I let go of my beloved turtlenecks?

Your fashion struggles in spring are most likely different than my own, but I don't doubt there are some struggles. Regardless, at Sophie, you can find a fabulous spring outfit that fixes all of your problems. 

The following items are a few of my favorites :)


This soft-denim dress (Stonewash) is a must for me. I love shift dresses and you can't beat how comfortable this dress is. Stonewash is perfect for spring because it's light enough to be airy, but can easily be paired with tall boots and a subtle scarf for added warmth. 


 Polka Dotted Beauty is one of those shirts I'd wear with multiple things in spring. It's adorable on it's own with dark skinny jeans, but light, destroyed, boyfriend jeans would look killer as well. You could tuck it into a flowy skirt and pair it with sandals or dress it up for work with sparkly silver earrings.


 The Cheetah T-Shirt Dress is another favorite. The possibilities are endless. Throw on a black leather jacket or a green army jacket to change up the look, tie a knot at the bottom to show a little more leg, or wear with sneakers or heels. This dress can be cool enough for a warm day, warm enough for a cool day, casual enough for a day spent shopping, and fancy enough for dinner out on the town. 


 Of course a jacket has to be a part of your spring wardrobe, and All That is perfect. This lightweight jacket is the most important spring color: blush. I truly believe blush goes with all colors (besides orange, yellow, purple, and light blue). Okay, so not all colors, but still a lot of colors. 



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