Lucky in Lounge

Lucky in Lounge

Lucky in Lounge

lucky. in. lounge.

Do you love to go to bed in cute pajamas too? I will say one of my guilty pleasures includes staying up late with my girlfriends, smoothing on a facemask, and then flipping on a Netflix drama. However, this whole night is not complete without some soft and comforting loungewear. I have recently added a pajama set to my Christmas wish list. I have been staring at this set in the sage color for a couple of weeks now. It pairs so well with the Behave Leopard Fashion Sneakers. They are made from a cozy breathable material that does not permit you to sweat while you're sleeping. So many times I have woken up in the middle of the night sweating because of my thick pajamas. 

I had been looking for a thinner material that still keeps me feeling all warm, cozy, and gives me the "Winter is Coming!" vibes. Nothing is better than cozying up to some Christmas songs on a couch with your apple cinnamon tea. I am warm just thinking about it! The other great thing about this cute set of lounge is that you can easily wear it out to the grocery store or while looking for decor for the house, with a heavy long winter coat on. That way you still have the protection from the cold wind and rain, but you can unzip upon walking inside the store to ensure that you won't sweat!   It is honestly always a struggle dressing extremely warm for the harsh weather outdoors and then trying to adjust to the store's climate. But with this lounge, it is so much easier and you don't have to worry about choosing an outfit for a quick trip out! I definitely recommend just coming in to try out the different sets we have! They are all so darling!


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