Last Minute... Hurry!

Last Minute... Hurry!

Last Minute... Hurry!

Okay ladies... let's see a show of hands... how many of you still haven't gone to grab your best friend a gift that will remind her of how thankful you are for her? It's okay, I am totally not shaming you, I just want to help! Listen, we have some awesome deals on our jewelry, and some really great ways to bless your girlfriends! Let's take a look at your next couple of great giftables! 

We have something for every style. We have golds and silvers! These lovely chain necklaces are super trendy right now! They are simple and match just about any article of clothing. The pendant necklaces we have are also perfect for a simplistic look that cannot be taken for granted! I love the new look these gorgeous pieces give the opportunity for! It is super easy to find the perfect gift for your bestie here among all of these fun pieces!

I love these fancy earrings. They go perfectly with the chain necklaces above, or a cute chain ring! The best thing about these earrings is that they really speak for themselves and you don't need to add much more jewelry if you like to make a bold statement with an accent piece! These are definitely that perfect accent piece! The ring could truly go with any style, and you couldn't go wrong in choosing something sparkly like either one of these pieces! 

There are never enough bracelets on your wrist! We have so many options too! I have a couple of sets of bracelets myself that I like to pull out per season. If it is really cold I love to pull out my collection that has a brown base. So I like to wear bracelets with some beading that is either wooden or a nice neutral brown. Sometimes I'll add a nice pop of color, like a teal or coral pink. We have a whole lot of bracelets that are also the perfect last minute gift for your best friend. And remember, there are never enough bracelets! I also love our bracelets because they fit my tiny wrists! They have a perfect amount of stretch to them that allows you to slide them on and off really easily! 

Run in to grab your last minute giftables! There is no shame in grabbing them now! But don't wait, because you don't want to come up empty handed for your best friend on Christmas day!


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