Is This The Best Saturday?

Is This The Best Saturday?

Is This The Best Saturday?

Feel free to disagree, but last weekend I enjoyed the perfect Saturday. It was filled with relaxing and coziness, warmth and togetherness, self-indulgence and happiness. Sounds fabulous right? This is the ultimate Saturday for me. For you it might mean excitement and entertainment, but I would say that whether you enjoy your Saturday in a state of near-comatose or thrill-seeking, just be happy with what you're doing. 

 Ingredients for a perfect Saturday:

  • Couch 
  • Blankets (preferably many, many blankets)
  • Food & Drinks
  • A friend or loved one

That's basically all you need. The particular day I'm referring to also included movies and a positively adorable goldendoodle named Ralphie. The day started great because a friend and I decided to attend a yoga class in the morning. As my mother says, "You could do nothing all day, absolutely nothing, but if you work out there's always a sense of productivity and accomplishment." I've found that to be incredibly true, but sometimes I am lenient with myself and substitue "work out" with "clean the bathrooms and vacuum the apartment." 

After our workout, we stopped by her house and enjoyed coffee and conversation. Awesome. Since our respective boyfriends were busy the day with studying, we had determined to enjoy a girls' day. We split for a few hours where I continued my productivity and actually vacuumed the floor, but got back together to spend the afternoon being vegetables on the couch watching movies. 

 Is there anything more wonderful than a good movie, heavy blankets, and a goldendoodle snuggled on your lap? Please, try to think of something better. We took intermittent movie breaks to make chocolate chip cookies (YUM), popcorn (necessary), and cocktails (also necessary). In short, we spent the day enjoying one another's company and (remember what I said before??) doing the things that make us happy. 

Your ideal Saturday doesn't need company. I'm incredibly content to spend a day by myself. Your Saturday also doesn't need a friend; spend time with your mom, brother, significant other, grandmother, etc. It should be someone you actually enjoy being around, though ;) 

My perfect Saturday ended with the boyfriends coming home, time spent enjoying new conversation, playing games, and laughing. I spent it happy. 


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