How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party

The holiday season means getting together with friends, and it also means you have the perfect excuse to throw the party everyone will be talking about. The only thing anyone needs to throw a perfect party is good company, but a few extra touches always help.

Set the Scene

If you really want to throw a party, it's nice for your guests to arrive and know they're at a party because it looks like one. Clean the house. And for goodness sake, clean the bathroom. Buy inexpensive, but lovely details you can put on your table or walls like candles or (classy) tablecloths. Flowers are always a nice touch. I'm a fan of the baby's breath because it finds a place in every season, it's simple and delicate, and it's cheap. A party is the time to get out your nice cocktail glasses and turn on those edison bulbs. Set the scene; make your party feel special.  

Bring out the Alcohol (or non-alcoholic mocktails)

Never forget your wine. Wine is your superpower...or at least, it's mine. Either way, a fully stocked and gorgeous bar cart cannot be downplayed. There's just something about a gleaming ice bucket, upside-down crystal glasses, and all of the little stir sticks. You reach an air of sophistication once you own a bar cart, so get yours ;)

If you aren't of age to drink, make a stunning mocktail. You can scroll endlessly through Pinterest for different recipes with ingredients that appeal to your tastebuds. I've always been a fan of mocktails that include cranberry juice and a mint leaf (very autumnal, keep in mind), but choose a recipe that looks fun and your guests will be impressed with. 

Food food food food food food food

If you can't tell, I think food is important for a party. If you are throwing a simple get-together, your guests are going to appreciate a pizza delivery, pretzels, Cheetos, and chips. But this party, again, is a party, and your food should deliver. There's no need to break a budget on fancy snacks, I recommend some cheese and crackers, sausage, and fruit. All of those can be bought for less than $20. 

The rest of your night is up to you. Play games, throw on some music and dance, or sit on the couch and chat. You invited certain people to the party, they're probably your closest friends. You set the scene for a party, but the people there will make it special. 


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