How to Holiday

How to Holiday

How to Holiday

We love to encourage festivities and festive attire as soon as November hits… but we are already one week into December! So you can imagine the joy spreading around our team at the boutique! We cannot wait to see you and help you style your perfect look for the holidays! Below I wanted to talk about a couple of cute styles you can look forward to next time you come in! 

This casual cozy outfit that Navy’s got on is so perfect for the holidays. I love a good graphic tee, and who doesn’t love that song? Ripped jeans will probably always be in! But the best thing about this specific pair is that they don’t show so much skin! So they are, number one, bound to keep you slightly warmer, and number two, a little more modest for those of us who don’t feel like looking like 16 year-old wanna-be’s! We want to be stylish, but not 16! A famous movie you may know would say we want to be “Thirty, flirty, and thriving!” Back to our outfit, a nice skinny jean with a graphic tee underneath this cozy flannel is perfect for this winter season! These boots are also some of my favorites, and it isn’t just because they match this outfit ever so perfectly, but it is because they can go with just about anything! I love a good nude shoe! Here we have it bundled into this cozy ensemble!

I am in love with this top! It is so stinkin’ cute! The puffy sleeves with a stretchy wrist make it so comfortable and breathable too! The ruffles just make me think of the holiday dresses I used to wear as a kid! No joke, ruffles were such a thing in my family. Lastly, I have to rave about the adorable variety of polka dots on this blouse! It sings White Christmas to me! Those cute dots make me hope and yearn for the snow this Christmas! So tell me your hoping for snow too this year! A good pair of black jeans is a necessity when it comes to fashion! Don’t tell me you don’t have black jeans… because I would tell you to drop what you’re doing right now and go to the store. Let me tell you, our jeans are so very comfortable and they are amazing quality. You won’t have to feel like you’ve gotta bring your sewing kit everywhere just in case. (In all honesty I have been guilty of doing so in the past because you never know, right?) But with these jeans you seriously do not have to worry about that. They are comfy and stretchy too! I love this whole outfit!

Get your thermal on! I have a new found love for thermals. Around the holidays I really want to dress super fashionable, but I literally always run into the same problem… That is… until I found out about thermals. Thermals are the envy of tank tops in the winter. They keep you warm without making you sweat. It can be such a pain to do all of the layering of clothing just to walk into the mall or the grocery store. I say “no!” I refuse to wear four layers of sweaters, jackets and coats just to go to get a gallon of milk. Then you have to carry your three jackets everywhere you go. Maybe you’re like superwoman and can carry five things at a time, but that is not my style. I am all about living the simple life. Thermals are also lovely because they fit underneath one warm coat. I can do that—one layer. They look so wintery too! They sort of remind me of Colorado! They just give off the vibe that you’ve hiked a mountain and know what to wear when it gets below freezing. You can pair these cute thermals with a pair of light blue jeans or a nice pair of black jeans! (See how important black jeans are? They go with everything!) We also have a huge selection of cute belts that you must see. Belts are not just for holding up pants… They are totally all about fashion too. A tiny tuck of the shirt in front and then boom, you’re showing off your stylish belt.


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