Gift Guide Under 50

Gift Guide Under 50

Gift Guide Under 50

So I know that if you clicked on this blog, it probably means that you still haven't bought your bestie her Christmas gift! Ladies, let's not run into the same problem as last year! I know that you think you are going to get it done as soon as Thanksgiving is over, but in all honesty ask yourself--should we be waiting that long? I think the best idea is to purchase something meaningful now, while you can still think, instead of being in the midst of crowds on Black Friday.

But to start off, I want to talk about the beautiful bundle we have this week until Saturday!

Look at this super stylish vinnie v-neck tunic sweater! it is perfectly paired with some sassy leather bottoms! You can also pair this cute top with your favorite Sophie leggings! A great way to cozy up to your kids or special guy on Christmas morning!

These edgy faux leather leggings are just the start of your trendy new look this holiday season. Be the trend-starter and rock these fierce bottoms! add some shiny black boots to top off your new favorite look!

We wouldn't want you feeling like you couldn't accessorize even in these strange times! So don't forget to add a mask to you bundle! We have a great collection of brand new holiday masks! Come get yours while they last!

Don't forget to double-check the website for other possible additions to your bundle! Remember you can always switch your bundle up according to your wardrobe or style!

These antique 14k gold crystal pendants are a perfect gift for your best friend! All you have to know is whether she likes to wear gold or silver more. Typically this is a pretty easy thing to figure out! Next time you see her, look at the color of her chains on her jewelry, and you'll know which one is perfect for her! these necklaces are intricate but not complex, so you can pair them with just about any outfit! i love how the tiny crystals circle around the larger ones! it's like one big hug of crystals! i love it! these are also very easy to layer with your other necklaces! you could even purchase one for yourself, and say they are your bff necklaces! Being under $40 for such a high quality of necklace, i say, why not?

There's so many to choose from! I know that one of these gold-filled bracelets is sure to match the personality of your best friend. Each piece is just under $35. I also forgot to mention in an earlier blog that we can wrap any jewelry, making the presentation of the gift extra special as well! These bracelets also save us the anxiety of trying to guess our best friend's wrist size because they have little sliders to adjust sizing in the back side. These are sure not to rust or turn the skin green. So you can present your best friend with the style and quality she deserves!

These hypoallergenic sunny hoops will match any style! i am in love with the warmth that gold accessorizing adds to my outfit! I am happy to tell you that these are also just under $35. These are also a very delicate size that does not take away from the rest of the outfit but it simply adds a little bit of sparkle. With this uniquely shaped earing you will surely say "you too, are unique" to your best friend. Being hypoallergenic, you don't have to fear if she won't be able to wear them due to her sensitivity to nickel! this is a very thoughtful gift, and i would definitely say these will be sure to bless your bestie!

Don't forget to add this code when purchasing online, lovely ladies! And hurry fast! With all of these deals, we don't know how much will last!


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