Gift Guide Under 75

Gift Guide Under 75

Gift Guide Under 75

Looking forward to saving some money this Christmas? Okay! Ready, Set, let's do this! Starting this week until this Saturday we've got some wonderful deals for you! Let the pretty prices begin!

Is this cardigan not the coziest thing you've ever saw? I really have to restrain myself when all of these super cute and comfy clothes come in... I may have to gift myself with just this one... The best pair is the one with a cardi and a simplistic graphic Tee. I love how the fuzzy material looks like little bits of popcorn! So stinkin' cute! seriously. You have to try it on. But i have to warn you... there is no going back once you do. also... This is the perfect outfit for ultimate consumption of food. Pair this with some Andia black leggings and you've got yourself the perfect amount of stretch to feel comfortable despite how many homemade rolls Grandma puts on your plate this Thanksgiving.

Look at this super cute mug! I love my collection of coffee mugs and I do take pride in them! From my llama mug to my avocado mug, i am a collector! This is the perfect little guy to add to your collection! i also am a visual person, so i'll paint a warm picture for you... imagine Sitting in the living room, peering outside of your window, waiting for the colder days to finally creep around the corner to give you a reason to stay inside cuddled up to your favorite throw blanket and favorite hallmark movie. This picture is only missing a couple of cold hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee or cinnamon apple tea! this cup is a much needed accessory for you on Thanksgiving day, and it is also the perfect giftable item if you want to bless someone on this yummy turkey day!

guess what? you thought you had cute t-shirts? but look at these! i know what you're thinking: I already have a bunch of Tees. You don't have these lovely ones! Also did i mention how comfy they are? You need a super cute 100% cotton tee! Some tees just don't breathe, you feel me? I am ready to grab a generic tee to pair with a couple of cardi's. These are super universal and go with a million different outfits! Have you tried some fashion booties, graphic tee, ripped jeans and a cardi? That is the perfect combo! Switch the jeans for leggings to maximize that comfort on turkey day! I always like to size up in these cute tees! So if you wanna work those leggings, i definitely recommend sizing up! i typically where a small in tees, but like to size up to medium or a large for extra comfort!

I am loving our elle pave ring. it is 18k and absolutely darling! the best thing about rings is that you can usually guestimate a size for one of your girlfriends and then they can usually find a finger to wear it on! Seeing this ring up close just really shows off its brilliance! I am a sucker for gold jewelry! What's your favorite type of gold? White gold, rose gold or yellow gold? This bright yellow gold ring will surely be the perfect gift for your bff. It is just under $60 and will be sure to last! (Meaning it isn't about to turn your finger green like all the other cute but cheap accessories we find.) Sometimes quality jewelry is super worth it! If it stays nice, then what's a little extra money? You can wear it with any outfit and it will be sure to dress up your holiday vibe. Buy a matching set for you and your best friend or daughter!

ever wanted to open yourself up to a little bit more vintage style? these coin necklaces come in a cute little bundle! I love how you can't quite tell that they are little golden coins until you see them up close! This leaves room for the rest of your outfit to be the center of attention! If you're looking to gift your daughter, sister, or best friend, this is the perfect "grab n' Go" gift for them! They are great quality so, again, no green necks Here! They are coated with a gold that is sure to stay clean and brilliant! this group of necklaces can go perfectly with a graphic tee, or a casual v-neck with some jeans! my favorite thing to do is run out the door with these simplistic necklaces and a fuzzy sage green or maroon sweater! Just under $65, you can't find a better deal for three whole necklaces already layered for you!

This simplistic pocket book is perfect for a night out or a casual shopping date with your girls! It is 100% real leather, so you know it has that beautiful "new car smell." Easy to unzip and access! This is also the perfect gift for just about anyone! You won't have to guess your best friend's size or wonder what color goes best with her style! Black or steel will be the perfect choice to accessorize with any outfit! I definitely recommend grabbing one of these asap! they are easy to wrap and you will be sure to bring a smile on your recipient's face! for under $70 so you don't have to spend a fortune over the holiday!

get 15% off when shopping for any of the looks above! Enjoy! And be sure to get your 25% off when you purchase the three items from the weekly bundle! Sales, sales, and more sales! We are thankful for you pretty ladies!


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