Gift Giving... For Yourself

Gift Giving... For Yourself

Gift Giving... For Yourself

The season of giving to others is now over. Now is the season where we typically look inward. We still write lists, but this time those lists are about how we want the next year to look for us. What we want to change or what we hope to gain.

I don't have any New Year's resolutions this year. To be honest, I'm not certain I've ever had any true New Year's resolutions (ones that I'm committed to). What I like to focus on throughout every year is making sure that when I look inward, I'm content and happy and excited about whatever is to come. Not bad, right?

Ensuring I feel that way comes in many different boxes. Am I in a fulfilling relationship? Are my friends wonderful? Have I told my family I love them? Does my cat know I adore her? (That last one is important). Those are my "external" boxes. The parts of my life that involve the people I love. I also look at my "lifestyle" boxes. How satisfied am I in my job? What can I do to learn more, grow more? Should I redecorate my home to feel more home-y? Those kinds of things. 

Sometimes, though, my boxes are much more tangible. I give gifts to myself. Last night, three of those gifts came in my mail. I love books, so I ordered three for myself: a book of poetry, a happy-living book, and an illustrated classic (Rupi Kaur's The Sun and Her Flowers, Meik Wiking's The Little Book of Hygge, and Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's Beauty and the Beast). The excitement I felt was maybe slightly ridiculous. I was glowing with my purchases, so I decided to order in Dominos for myself and watch Downton Abbey. That was my night. And it was wonderful. I had given myself things that I wanted because they made me happy. 

Sometimes I give myself different gifts. Last month, I bought two items from Sophie that made me happy (Beljoy bracelets and an on-sale Z-Supply!). I can't always buy myself things; my budget is tight enough that usually my gifts are <$5 like a pack of Ghiradelli chocolates or coffee at a cafe, and they come every month, not every day. I also tend to buy things that aren't useless. In other words, I don't just buy to buy. The items I get do bring me happiness, and often lasting happiness. I will re-read those books and lend them to my friends to enjoy. I most definitely finish that pack of chocolates. If I buy myself clothes, I make sure they're pieces I adore and will re-wear countless times (see my previous blog: How to Avoid a Bad Buy Day). 

"Self-love" is a big buzz word right now, and I get it. We have to treat ourselves with something! Maybe it is the tangible things (and the things that cost money!) like I do every now and then, but more often it's bubble baths, walks out of doors, doing your hair on Sundays, painting your nails, or making yourself/your loved ones dinner. Whatever form of gifts you give yourself, make sure they make you happy.  




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