From In to Out, These Outfit Combos Are Great Wherever You Go

From In to Out, These Outfit Combos Are Great Wherever You Go

From In to Out, These Outfit Combos Are Great Wherever You Go

My weekends are a crazy jumble of “where to next?” In the house I do chores, read, nap, cook, and play with the furry babies, but I am constantly leaving the house for something. I take the dog out for walks, run to the grocery and recycling center, workout, meet friends for lunch or mini-golf, and a number of other things.

I don’t like to constantly change outfits - it leaves a mess, often screws up my hair, and brings out the indecisiveness in me, so on weekends I strive for stylish outfits that will work wherever I go. All of these outfit combos are comfortable enough for a movie on the couch, stylish enough for an outing with friends or your significant other, and relaxed enough for some activity like hauling groceries indoors or walking the dog.

Bralettes and Wide-Neck Shirts

A peek of lacey straps underneath an off-the-shoulder top is effortless and relaxed.

Relaxed Jean Shorts and a Tucked Tee

There’s something about a tucked tee that gives me instant “style” feels.

Knee-Length Skirt and Graphic Tee

This combo is fancy but not too fancy. Plus you get the added bonus of swishy fabric on your legs.

Oversized Sweater and Relaxed Jeans

Literally effortless, a cute sweater can elevate an outfit in a snap.

Joggers and Pullover

As a more relaxed combo, you can dress this outfit up with a black leather jacket and killer shades.

Scarf and Top

Scarves are incredibly versatile. Many of mine turn into shawls when I get chilly, but a scarf is an easy, statement accessory. Blanket scarves are chic, but long scarves can be worn in most weather.

Romper or Jumper

This is an easy outfit because it’s comfortable but generally cute and fancy enough for a day (and night) out on the town.

Shift Dress

Same benefits as wearing either a romper or jumper, just easier to go to the bathroom.

Soft Button-Up Shirt

A button-up is an easy way to look nice without trying. Most of these shirts can be worn at work too, so you get extra bang for your buck.

Tailored Shorts and Sweater or Tee

I own multiple tailored shorts because I love the patterns and how they make me feel put-together and more mature. I’m practically living on Martha’s Vineyard.

Leggings and Basically Anything You Want

Leggings. Need I say more?


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