What are your thanksgiving traditions? i had not heard of "friendsgiving" until last year! I have always had a huge thanksgiving with my family where all of the kids get together and some close family-friends. Usually my mom cooks and bakes way too much food and we indulge for days after the holiday! i am definitely looking forward to this year's grand amount of food! 

so a little more about friendsgiving... 

i have yet to try this because of my big family, but if you don't have close relatives in town, you could totally try this out! just get some decorative pumpkins at the dollar store and some glitter... they also have cute disposable table cloths as well! grab one of those, and whip out your best dishware. Next get all your friends to sign up to bring a dish they absolutely cannot live without on Thanksgiving and then pick a date! the first idea that came to my mind was to have your friendsgiving the night before thanksgiving or the night after, that way all of your buddies have a chance to spend time with family as well as with you! Or another fun idea could be to find a bunch of other people from work, (or if you're a student) college, or church and invite them over on thanksgiving day! it could be fun and you could make some really cool friends from just one meal! Plus not everyone has family in town to have thanksgiving with! bless someone's day and invite them over! 

The whole concept of Thanksgiving is to have community and be grateful for those people you do have in your life! Sometimes the best people in life are those we don't notice right away. 

Who is someone you're super thankful for this year? Perhaps someone you haven't noticed until recently... Or maybe someone you need to be more grateful for. I think sometimes we take a lot of things and people in our lives for granted--Especially those close to us because They are always around! it can be super easy to overlook how much they do for us or how much light they bring to our lives.

I am extremely thankful for my parents because of the love and support they choose to give me every day. Sometimes I do not quite see their love as support, but every now and then I stop and realize that they really strive to love me with everything in their power. I am very grateful that I have a family to go home to this thanksgiving who will make me way too many rolls and desserts that i definitely shouldn't eat. I am also extremely grateful for my best friend, Katy! She is like a sister and she is always willing to listen when I feel like my world is in the midst of clutter. We share laughs together, and tears! And this year before thanksgiving we will be going to the beach, as we did last year! So i suppose i will have a sort of "Friendsgiving" with her the five days leading up until thanksgiving day! (We will be eating all of that good florida food!)

I think that as each year passes i realize that those who are still around are the people i need to thank the most! because they have chosen to stick around through the thick and thin! Those people, especially your best friends definitely deserve a thank you, because they have chosen to love you! What a beautiful thing!

So as thanksgiving gets closer, maybe start thinking about someone you are tremendously grateful for, and let them know! IT is always so great to hear someone close to you say how grateful they are for you in their life! Who knows? Maybe this will be a great icebreaker during your friendsgiving or your family's thanksgiving dinner! Spread the love this year! let us know how it goes for you!

I speak for the whole sophie crew when i say we are very grateful for you!


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