For Your Fireplace

For Your Fireplace

For Your Fireplace

So today I thought I would focus on a more specific part of our Christmas decor! A couple of weeks ago I touched base on a couple of different decor options for around the house during the fall time. But, since we have officially entered the most jolly season of them all, it is time to break out all of the holiday cheer and Christmas gear!

Today were looking at a fireplace with a white-paint brick! You truly can use these decorations on any type of fireplace! This specific picture has a theme that we will be seeing in the other pictures as well. I love a cute wooden sign! This one with the deer silhouette is just so much fun! I have heard of pop-up shops that actually teach you to make these hardy signs! I love burlap and how it looks wrapped around these three miniature trees! A couple of hanging letters never hurt either! Just to top it off with some cute stockings and then a couple extra little things. I love the little presents next to the opening and the metal ball on the top of the mantel. This whole vibe is totally modern and simplistic! I love it!

This lovely red-themed decor presents a little bit more of a warmer atmosphere. The flannel reindeer appears to be on a canvas background in this picture. We also have some red fuzzy stockings to top it off! I am also a big advocate for the little gingerbread house near the fire pit! Too darling! Pine cones galore on the mantel! And lastly we’ve got the cutest little Santa calling all kiddos to be nice over naughty this Christmas season!

This last picture has a cooler ambience than the rest of the designs! I love the letters because they almost remind me of snowballs or snowflakes. Some silver stockings with a little bit of tutu power on the edging! There are some more really cute little houses surrounding the fire area. I also love the small paper machete balls! A few different shades of neutral greys and a couple of white balls are perfect for the mantel! If you have any sparkly big spherical ornaments, these are perfect to throw in amongst the paper machete! Some snowflakes and white artichokes can hold up your cute little banner as well!

The great thing about fireplaces is that they are already so cozy and warm! My recommendation is to decorate with your favorite theme and then go crazy! We love to see your decor! Especially if you’re wearing your favorite cozy or cute outfit from the store! Shout out to us so we can see your decor!


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