Give Tasty Treats As Gifts From Missouri

Give Tasty Treats As Gifts From Missouri

Give Tasty Treats As Gifts From Missouri

Calling all bread lovers! Oh wait, that's me! If you love bread as much as I do, then you'll love this festive dish! The simplicity of rosemary rolls, drenched in butter. What could be better? Oooh I know! If they are stuffed full of mozzarella cheese! And of course these totally are! Add some lovely marinara sauce and you've got a cute green tree ready to be pulled apart and dunked into the heavenly marinara sauce. This is great for an afternoon snack, or a fun add on to your large family dinner. Kids love this dish too. Let me tell you, I have watched my niece and nephew lick the butter off of rolls like there was no tomorrow. But the best thing about these is that they will actually be eaten. As opposed to the rolls that are simply vehicles for butter for your kids. This is definitely an easy recipe you must try! 

I have to share a sweet recipe now that I have given you a salty one! I have here what my mom and I call the famous "Cherry Christmas Cookies!" My mom and I have been making these for quite some time now! They are actually my all time favorite cookies. Oh my, but they are dangerous! I wish I could have self-control when it came to these delightful little cookies, but I simply cannot. They are bite-size, but you don't realize how many you eat until you stand up and realize you're not hungry for dinner anymore... Yikes! But I am going to bless/curse you with the recipe. I will say these are also so fun to make with your kids. It just makes you realize the little personalities you have running around with you in the house. I definitely recommend making these with your kids! It is too funny to watch them delegate tasks to you and their siblings. Perfect for when the weather starts to get colder and you get stuck inside. We are ready for the snow storm to come, even though it hasn't quite gotten all the way to the depth of winter just yet. 


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