Fashion for Your Sneaks'

Fashion for Your Sneaks'

Fashion for Your Sneaks'

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Navy tried on three different looks for us to show off the fashionable sneakers we have in store currently. The first look is such a fall vibe that almost all of us are going for at one point or another. It is cozy and always seems to keep me warm throughout my day. Usually this look consists of a warm sweater or cardigan with some trendy high-waisted jeans. The second look ties in a cute graphic T-shirt with some distressed jeans. This look is perfect for going out to dinner with friends, or going shopping. A fun way to express yourself with a comfortable long-sleeve! Lastly, we have Navy in some pleated high-waist snake printed shorts. These shorts make a bold statement, allowing the rest of your outfit to be neutrally toned. She is wearing a black body suit shirt on top to keep the shirt from sneaking outside of the pants. (This is something we all struggle with when tucking shirts.) A sassy hat pairs really well with this entire ensemble!

All three looks have their own tone and attitude, I change mine daily! So don't feel too committed to only one of the looks. Try out each to see what you feel most comfortable in! You may just surprise yourself today!

Leopard Lovin'

Jaguar Jumpin'

Shiny Shufflin'

The leopard sneakers add a pop of fun to your outfit. They also give us a nice break from heals or high platformed booties. I love the warmth that the color of these shoes brings! 

These jaguar printed high-tops are a perfect addition to a chic-grunge look. There's never been anything wrong with a little sprinkle of sass! My favorite thing about these shoes is that I can wear my short fuzzy socks right inside them! No worries about showing the bright pink fuzzy socks we all are ready to bring out this season!

These slip-on's go perfectly with just about any outfit. They are sleek and can tie a fierce look together! These can be paired with some no-show socks to keep the toes cozy when there's a bit of a breeze as well!


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