Employee Feature - Jade!

Employee Feature - Jade!

Employee Feature - Jade!

We love our girls here at Sophie and we especially love to show some appreciation, and no one deserves more appreciation than our longest employed member of the Sophie Squad, Jade. Jade has been with Sophie for over five years, and for the past four years, has been the driving force for our social media strategies. It was a joy sitting down with Jade and chatting about Sophie because she is so incredibly passionate about this business and this industry. 

For Jade, this job has meant more than money, more than going to school. She knows how much she has learned over the past five years and that this job is about the customers. Jade loves her customers. When she comes into work, her goal is to always make someone's day. She wants to talk with her customers, develop a relationship with them. And because of that mindset, she's made countless friends through Sophie.

Jade's fashion advice is simple: be true to your own style. Be true to who you are with what you wear--your personality should shine through. For her, the only rule that matters is that you never tuck jeans into ankle booties. Never. 

Right now, her favorite outfit is anything that lets her wear her new Matisse gladiator sandals (ask her about them, they're probably on her feet and we can get them for you on special order).


Jade wanted to leave you with her favorite quote:

Life is too short to worry about stupid things, so have fun, fall in love, regret nothing, and don't let people bring you down.


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