Easter Dress Extravaganza

Easter Dress Extravaganza

Easter Dress Extravaganza

Easter is the perfect time to buy a bright, new, and fabulous dress. I'd argue that any time is the perfect time to buy a nice dress, but I'll save that for another time. 

Whether you're headed off to church, spending time with your family or friends, a spring-y dress is just what you need. Sophie has exploded with spring - embroidery, flowers, bright colors everywhere! - and has four of the most adorable dresses you need to try on. 

The most casual of the bunch is Nobody But You. This incredibly soft gingham dress is ideal for sitting or twirling. Dress it up with bold, large earrings and matching mules or come casual to lunch with an olive green jacket as a cover up. 

Embroidery is air to me right now, I can't get enough of it. The Embroidered Mesh Dress covers those pale legs (if you're like me) and falls comfortably to (what I hope is) your brightly colored shoes. 

Don't Play is perfect for altering a look from fancy to casual. Bold earrings are also an option for this dress, but wearing it with a leather jacket and flats or sneakers brings a tom-boy vibe to a classic dress. 

The Pronto Dress is a favorite throughout the store. The ruffles continue over the shoulders to the back falling in a low V. It is adorable on. I have grown up wearing white to church on Easter so this is my favorite choice. I pair it with nude heels and a bold, fun Beljoy necklace (earrings with the ruffles can overpower the neck). This dress makes me feel so feminine and chic for the day!


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