Dressing for Fall When it's NOT Fall

Dressing for Fall When it's NOT Fall

Dressing for Fall When it's NOT Fall

Sure, it's "fall" season--although fall doesn't officially start until Saturday--but most places I go are decorating with tones of brown, orange, yellow, and red. At Sophie, there are sweaters on the racks and long sleeves everywhere. "Back to School" has always meant that autumn is here, no matter where you live. But today in Joplin, the high was 91. Scratch that, with humidity the temperature was 100. If I went outside wearing a sweater and jeans, wrapped up in a scarf with my pumpkin-spice-latte-holding fingers encased in hobo gloves I would die. As in, actually die. 

I am from Minnesota. You know: the land up north, Minne-snow-ta, "you all have cold weather!" That place. One reason I love Minnesota is because when fall season comes, it's actually fall. Sweaters are encouraged; they're necessary! Since I am new to Joplin, this "apples are in season! Let's wear sweaters! I need to buy a pumpkin!" thing is starting to hurt my brain because I spent last Saturday sweating in a floatie.

I consider it an affront to all natural human tendencies to wear chunky sweaters and scarves when the weather is this way, so here are a few guidelines to dress for fall, when it is really not fall. 

First of all: Don't wear anything that you could possibly get heat stroke in. 

In all honesty, the guidelines to dressing for autumn aren't too complicated. If you want to be like me and give a nod to the summer that is So. Damn. Stubborn. do that. Wear your shorts, rock the white jeans, put on a pineapple-adorned swimsuit cover-up. Take advantage of the weather. You really do not have to go apple picking--is that a thing here?--when it's this warm.

Another way to stay cool while enjoying the typical PSL is to give a nod to the fall colors. I have a burgundy maxi dress that I wear with a small neck scarf. My arms and shoulders are free of layers, my legs get a nice breeze, and I would fit in at a fall-themed party (I don't think those are a thing).

If you are indoors a lot and have air conditioning, I would also recommend tucking a sweater into your bag. That way, in the office/school you can look like the epitome of autumn, but have layers you can shed for a quick jaunt to your car. I have recently been loving white/cream or light grey sweaters as a layering choice.

Fall will come; it will. But just because an event has autumnal garlands and mums decorating tables realize that it is because they have gotten bored with summer decorations or don't want to waste the brainpower to convey "hot" in a different way. Sophie is stocked with jumpers, dresses, and tshirts. Stay cool! And if you want to grab the newest sweaters (we have so many cute ones!) do that too, but try to wait for lower temperatures until you wear them ;)


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