Day and Mood

Day and Mood

Day and Mood

Day & Mood

Between quarantine and working from home we aren't getting out enough. Or at least I'm not. Every now and then I like to take all of my work with me to a coffee shop to get some fresh air. It just feels so nice to get out once in a while. When I do take myself out, I like to bring a cute bag to accompany me. A chic purse can really perk up an original look.  If my outfit and my bag match, then I feel a little more organized and find it a lot easier to focus... what a mood!

I think it depends on the day too, because some days all that I need is a cute purse to carry the bare essentials to keep me feeling stylish.

But girls, can we talk for a second? Leather purses are always the in-style. You cannot go wrong with a simple crochet leather bag. This is perfect for the modern boho-chic look. One of my favorite things to do is wrap one of my silky scrunchies, that has longer ties attached to it, around the strap of my leather purse. It is such a darling touch that makes the bag feel personalized but also provides a nice accessory for the hair later in the day as well!

These sassy bags go with every outfit, from jumpsuits to everyday-casual! A neutral-toned bag is an absolute must for me so that I can run out the door with faith that my bag already matches my outfit without even looking.


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