Fighting the Winter Blues

Fighting the Winter Blues

Fighting the Winter Blues

Winter is seen as one of the more depressing seasons, even with the joy the holidays tend to bring. But gray weather, the inability to spend long amounts of time outside, the sometimes constant chill can bear down on our emotions. I've caught the winter blues a few times now, usually from stress, but it can be hard to pull yourself out. Below are a few tips to keep your spirits high when the temperatures drop low. 


I recommend listening to music as often as you can. Right now, my phone plays a constant loop of Christmas music, but any type of music can help to bring your mood up. I sing, I dance, I am accompanied by instruments and voices almost all the time; and it is nice to have that around. 


I know. I know. But trust me, exercise does help! We've all heard the speech, but exercise gives more energy, benefits your health, and can help keep you content and satisfied. No matter what you do with your day, if that day included a workout, you often feel productive and proud. 


Sometimes cooking can be a burden; it can be stressful. There are many nights when I don't want to spend an hour on a meal. Other nights, though, I am excited for a particular recipe. Trying something that challenges me (but will still yield good results) provides me with an incredible sense of pride. It can be a bummer to constantly eat out or order in, especially when you're dropping so much money on that food, but feeding yourself and keeping yourself occupied can be fun and exciting. 

Only Doing the Fun Stuff

When I'm in a down mood I like to treat myself to the little things I love. I make myself black tea with sugar and milk. I put on my mom's old oversized sweater and my polar bear socks. I grab my book or turn on the tv and entice my kitten to snuggle with me by an endless supply of treats. If I'm not buried in a book, I'm usually watching a Disney movie to calm my emotions and relax. If I need company, I ask my friends for a game night and drinks. Laughing with friends, surrounded by those who love you, is the quickest pick-me-up. Treat yourself with the things that make you feel happy, the things you enjoy and crave for when days sometimes get too long and too blue.


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