The Way is Clay

The Way is Clay

The Way is Clay

Clay. hand. made.

These handmade earrings! Ladies, can we just sit and ponder for a second the beautiful creativity of the Branch's designs? I have a knack for simply unique things. My love for simplicity continues to grow. I think that these earrings are a cute representation of the "down to earth" style that is so in right now. The material used to bring you this look is totally light-weight and gives your ears a break from wearing your heavy golden hoops. Trust me when I say clay is the way to go! 

In addition to all these small quirks, I have found these earrings to draw attention to the entire outfit. When you accessorize with these earrings there is no turning back. They create a sass like no others. Wear them when your hair is straightened or up in a messy bun for the busy weekend. But let me just say, you absolutely can't go wrong with adding these to your collection! 

I am always trying to find my new style each season. I have to say that I am not surprised that white is crossing over into winter. These chunky white and cream earrings are so in right now! I see gals wearing white booties and even more, cream sweaters! What does this mean? It means you must start changing with the season! It's time to adapt, ladies! Trust me, this change was long overdue! I have been waiting to wear my whites and creams through the winter season for too long! So, join me in my love for summer colors in winter, and grab yourself and a friend some darling new accessories!

Article by Lauren Bangert


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