Christmas is around the Corner!

Christmas is around the Corner!

Christmas is around the Corner!

Guess what? You know it! Christmas is coming! So... I have a couple of secrets for you! To start off, we've got to talk about how chaotic Black Friday is going to  look this year! Everyone feeling stir crazy from being inside all the time? Plus a ton of deals all at once?? Ahhh! I don't even want to think about the crowds! So stressful!

Okay, but ladies... here at sophie's we planned ahead for this very thing! Here's the first part of the secret... We have strategically spaced out our Black Friday deals so that you don't have to worry about the trampling and chaotic rush to go grab your Christmas gifts last minute! (And by Christmas gifts, you know I'm including gifting yourself too! We all do it, don't you worry.) 

Now moving on to the next big thing... LADIES we have super great deals coming. We willl be doing a six weeks before Christmas kind of sale as the holidays are approaching! This is really going to space out everything so you won't feel like the day right after thanksgiving is the only day you can find your fav styles for beautiful prices! This makes ME so excited! Wait, does that mean the deals come sooner, and last longer?! UM, yES! I know you're excited as i am. So I will keep you updated about our fav outfits and accessories so you can stay in the loop! Trust me, you'll want to be watching your email! 


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