Chilly? We've Got You Covered

Chilly? We've Got You Covered

Chilly? We've Got You Covered

Are you cold today? Yeah, it's a bit chillier than temperatures we've seen of late. Today, for me, is just nippy enough for my couch to call me and my blanket to magically appear on my legs. That's later, though. Until then I will be running errands and setting up Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations outside -- burrrr. I combat the cold with sweaters. Sophie is doing the same.

Now believe me when I say that every single one of these sweaters is comfortable because of the fabrics. Incredibly comfortable. I'm the weird kind of gal who will stroke her arms or stomach when her clothes are might be doing so as well ;)

Embroidery Pullover $54.50

Yay for embroidery! This sweater adds wonderful flair to a classic sweater. Stay comfy, warm, and fancy in the Embroidery Pullover, and pair with pearls.

Coban Tunic $64.50

Oh mama, this tunic is ideal to stay warm and ultra casual. When I see the Coban Tunic, I immediately imagine a pair of leggings, some ankle-cut boots, and a chunky knit scarf. In that outfit, I would stay at home happy as a clam. I'd also head out grocery shopping feeling good about myself. 


Chenille Cropped Pullover $69.50

I am really loving this look right now. I think the cropped crew neck is fashion-forward, modestly adorable, and easy. The knit weave is incredibly soft (of course, it's a Z Supply garment) and the gray undertones add depth to the black sweater. I would wear this sweater all by itself with high-waisted skinny jeans, but you may want to add jewelry, a military jacket, or colorful scarf. 

Jade Cardigan $54.50

We have cardigans finally! Cardigans are essential for easy layering and effortless warmth. The layered open front on the Jade Cardigan will make any outfit interesting and fashionable. 

Leopard Cardigan $49.50

love this leopard-patterned cardigan. It's a thick material, so I would probably use this as my jacket, but it's so wonderfully soft that it doesn't feel like a jacket at all. Unlike the cardigan above, this one is (obviously) more bold and fun. I highly recommend this piece to pair with a little black dress or jeans and casual tee to dress up the outfit and stay nice and cozy. 


VIP Pullover $59.50

The VIP Pullover is one of my favorite cold weather sweaters because it's different from anything else in the store. I think it looks like a Patagonia sweater (just without the Patagonia price tag). I am also partial to quarter zips because of the athletic look. Wear it camping or hiking? Sure! Pull it over for a movie night? You betcha. You'll look cute and stay warm either way.


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