Celebrating Valentine's Day... When You're BUSY

Celebrating Valentine's Day... When You're BUSY

Celebrating Valentine's Day... When You're BUSY

So Valentine's Day is usually on a weekday, making it hard to celebrate the way most of us want to. It's a rare occasion when you get that perfect Saturday V-Day with your beau, but such is life. 

Many people are blessed with open schedules and relaxing week nights, but if you're like me, seeing your significant other any time during the week is a big deal, and handling your own schedule is hard enough. Trying to combine two busy lives is like juggling balls lit on fire. Not fun.

I'm the kind of person who likes to give a holiday its due, so I would personally like to make this Wednesday as special as possible for me and my loved one. Oftentimes I'll wait for the weekend, but again, Valentine's Day is on Wednesday so therefore I will make Wednesday as special as possible. This happens to be an unfortunate date for this year's day o' love--my significant other has a medical school exam this Friday--but we've brainstormed how we want to make it special. 

Because quantity of time won't be an option for me and my significant other, we've decided on spending as much quality time as we can. We plan on waking up early that day and making Swedish pancakes for breakfast (they're delicious, by the way). We're usually a 10-minute breakfast of cereal on weekdays, so spending that extra time to cook and eat together will be special. Then I'll head off to work and he'll head off to school. After work I'm bringing over Five Guys burgers and we'll have a picnic in one of the study rooms. I'll stay as long as he'll have me ;). I also have an array of gifs, photos, and cute things I plan on sending him throughout the day so he feels loved and appreciated. I find it important to remind him how much he means to me. After dinner I'll go home and fall asleep since he's usually home after I've gone to bed. That will be our Valentine's Day. It's nothing extravagant and definitely not swoon-worthy, but it works for us. 

For your own Valentine's Day, make the important things a priority (in my case it's food) because falling into the standard-but-still-sweet "sit on the couch and laugh while watching Friends together" is often just another typical day. Just remember, doing something special reminds you that Valentine's Day is special!


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