Casual Wear/Cute Wear

Casual Wear/Cute Wear

Casual Wear/Cute Wear

Today is Friday and after writing this blog I have every intention of stripping off my work pants and polyester shirt, changing into something comfortable, and nose-diving into the couch. It's been a long day. 

This is my general attitude after every work day so needless to say, I own a lot of comfortable clothes. Oftentimes, though, I'll have friends over for wine and the latest episode of The Good Place, and at least some of the time I like to feel at least somewhat presentable. I think it's important to feel good even when you are dressing down. The good thing is that Sophie is stocked full with comfy, fashion-forward clothing. 

Never underestimate the beauty of the jogger sweat (pictured above). It's perfect for tucking a relaxed shirt or sweater into, and pairing with sneakers or a ballcap. I would consider this item to be an essential for any lady craving comfy attire. 


Sophie is also full of adorable sweaters. The Cropped Reverse Fleece Pullover ($49.50) is too soft to pass up, and too cute with the reverse-effect details. The Love Yourself sweater ($42.50) is one of my favorites. The lace-up detail works to dress up a very dressed down look. I feel fashionable with it on, and comfy in my black leggings :)


If sweaters are a bit too hot - downtime does often mean pounds of blankets - these long sleeve tees are a wonderful way to stay comfy. Sophie is stocked with baseball tees, which provide instant comfort, and this new cowl neck top (Brushed Rib Cowl Neck), which adds a little flair to the couch-potato look. Want to look extra classy? Just add tea. 

The Embroidery Sleeve Sweater ($54) is my dream. Talk about looking cute while at home. Obviously this sweater would look great out to brunch or at the mall, but it easily - and I mean easily - transitions to the couch. Again, there's nothing better than feeling good when you dress down, and this sweater does the trick for me. Every time I look down, the detailed embroidery catches my eye and makes me feel fancier than my hair may indicate ;)


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