Bring Some Creativity To Your Life

Bring Some Creativity To Your Life

Bring Some Creativity To Your Life

I believe it is important to put away some time during your day or week to be creative. My days are filled with driving to work, getting some shi* done, cooking, cleaning, talking with coworkers and friends, watching tv, and a bunch of other seemingly menial things. That routine can be fulfilling and exciting (sometimes it’s boring), but I am often only working one part of my brain. And I need to exercise the other half.

There are so many benefits to being creative. I feel calmer, fulfilled, proud, and happy. Creating something (or trying to!) gives me a sense of growth. Somehow it’s a different sense of growth than when I read a book or work on professional development in my career. Creative growth stretches the part of myself that is deeply personal and it helps me to look at my world with a new perspective. Yes, at work I have now learned to create an awesome video using Adobe Premiere. I have that strength, that skill, now in my repertoire. I will be more efficient at my next video assignment, and I will be able to brag about that learned accomplishment in future interviews or workplace scenarios.

When I am creative, on the other hand, when I learn new techniques in acrylic or writing, I receive a sense of admiration for other creative work. I can recognize and appreciate true masters. I can also see the world around me in those terms. Wow, maybe I should try painting water like that. I can describe this scene in front of me. It’s a very satisfying way to grow.

The good thing is, there are so many ways to finding and using a creative outlet. I write these blogs every week and love to sketch with ink. Below is a list of creative things to do that I’ve tried, want to try, and don’t want to try but I know they’re creative:

  • Get a beginner’s paint set for watercolor, acrylic, or oil painting
  • Try your hand at embroidery (there are also beginner sets for this)
  • Write
  • Bake (there is some crazy stuff you can do with bread and pastry. Plus, using your hands this much is intensely satisfying)
  • Crochet, needle knit, arm knit
  • Check online or the bookstore for tutorials on hand lettering, or calligraphy
  • Try to imitate simple sketches from Pinterest (this is one of my favorite ways to kill time)
  • Turn up the music in your room or house and dance like you’re in a dance battle and need some killer moves to steal the show
  • Come up with new arts and crafts ideas
  • Find new ways to keep little ones engaged and happy with games
  • Re-decorate your house or room
  • I’m sure there are many, many more!

I’m pretty sure there is an online tutorial or class for every one of these creative activities. Let them teach you! And go find your own way to be creative!


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