Brand Feature - Shira Melody!

Brand Feature - Shira Melody!

Brand Feature - Shira Melody!

Oh the delicate loveliness. I am a huge fan of Shira Melody Jewelry because of the quality and simplicity of their pieces. Shira Melody Jewelry pieces are designed by Shira McManus, a woman who quit her day job seven years ago and never looked back. 

With this line, every accesory-lover is able to find trendy jewelry at an affordable price. Vintage themes run through each design, but offer an incredibly modern twist. Because of the jewelry's simplicity, it's easy to layer each piece with another, even pieces you already have in your closet!

Sophie is full their necklaces, and they come off their "racks" fast. There seems to always be a customer ooh-ing and ah-ing over the pieces. I have a few of the Shira Melody pendant drop necklaces and metal chokers (there are felt ones, too!). I usually wear each piece separate, but when I really go all out with my accessories I layer a choker, a pendant drop necklace, and an extra long pendant necklace from a different brand. I have gotten many compliments ;)

Check out their website here to see the lookbook!


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