Brand Feature - Dear John!

Brand Feature - Dear John!

Brand Feature - Dear John!

Dear John jeans are definitely a favorite around here at Sophie--they're everywhere. Being new to Sophie and boutique-jean shopping in general, I decided to try on some of the Dear John styles in the store to check comfort, fit, stretch, and style. And of course to help you, dear readers!

First up: Metro Jegging, Kali $74.50


 As soon as I pulled the Metro Jegging on, I noticed my butt...and I was happy. Being a jegging, I didn't expect the Metro to have enough support but they did, and they didn't suffocate. It was fabulous. I loved the faded color on the lower thigh and knee because it flattered the curve of my thigh. The length on these jeggings were also perfect for booties! Hello Fall, I'm ready for you.


Maison Boyfriend, Lewis $89.50

Oh my goodness the Maison Boyfriend jeans were comfortable. Some days I really don't feel like squeezing into a pair of jeans, so these were the perfect option. The distressed and faded knees complemented the already relaxed jeans. I would pair the Maison with a chunky sweater (once the weather is more accommodating for sweater weather) tucked into the band, and either a belt or a long Beljoy necklace. Obviously, this pair looks good with a button up as well. 


Joyrich Skinny in Canary Island $89.50

We have a ton of black jeans in the store right now, and I loved these. The Joyrich Skinny is a popular style, so I was very glad they came in black! The pockets on the back have a cute leather edge for some subtle detail, and the length was perfect for me. Honestly, it's a little hard to go wrong in black jeans, am I right?


Rosie Flare in Flora $89.50


I'm going to be honest and admit that I didn't know flare jeans are back in style, but I'M SO GLAD THEY ARE. I wouldn't call my thighs "slim" compared to others I see in jeans, but the Rosie Flare made my thighs feel "incredible." Also, the butt thing. I was basically turning my backside to everyone I saw while these jeans were think I'm joking. I'm not. Also, the length was perfect for girls who want to add a little heel with their flare jeans (which I would recommend). Overall, these were my favorite Dear John jeans in the store. 


Joyrich Ankle Skinny, Harvey $79.50


I couldn't get enough of the Joyrich Skinny, Harvey style. The distressed detailing was exactly what I like: not too much, perfect placement. I cuffed these jeans to work with my heels, but their hard edge is perfect to leave uncuffed as well. My favorite part of the jeans? The faded color below the butt. That color transition helps to make the butt appear lifted and nice. 


Aaaaand last up: Emily in Henna $69.50

Dear John has many different colored jeans, but I especially loved this color (Henna). It's perfect for the transition into fall. Wear it with black, white, grey, or a denim top. A subtle top with a pop of color on the bottom is exciting and classic.


I did not try on all of the Dear John jeans in the store, so make sure to stop by and try some on for yourself! We have multiple styles and colors! #dearjohndenim


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