Brand Feature - Beljoy!

Brand Feature - Beljoy!

Brand Feature - Beljoy!

It is almost impossible to know of Sophie and not know of Beljoy. Sophie dedicates a wall to Beljoy and their counter is covered in Beljoy pieces. Every girl working at Sophie probably has at least a dozen Beljoy bracelets. They're always wearing a stack. 

The wonderful thing about Beljoy as an accessory is the variety. If you do own a dozen Beljoy bracelets, they can pair with literally any outfit. The variety isn't just in the colors. These are gorgeous pieces with varying gems, beads, and materials. No piece is the same. They're interesting pieces, too. I have noticed that many people compliment me when I'm wearing them. It's a great conversation starter to tell them about the Beljoy business. 

Beljoy is a local business, with a warehouse right here in Joplin. The accessories are designed in-house, but the creation is done over seas by Haitian women. Materials are either shipped to Haiti or made right there. Many Beljoy accessories include handmade clay beads or antlers shed from animals and carved into jewelry. Beljoy offers these women a fair, liveable wage by hiring them to create their jewelry. It changes their lives. 

The Sophie girls love for customers to come into the store and ask about Beljoy. It's a chance for them to show off their current stack they're wearing and tell the Beljoy story. You'd be hard-pressed to find any jewelry with the Beljoy flair and look, let alone the love and caring that goes into the making of each piece. 


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