Body Confidence

Body Confidence

Body Confidence

As I sit here at my desk, looking down at what my mom dubs as my "thunder thighs" pressed into the chair below me, I think of my past and current struggles with body confidence. Shocking, right? To think of your insecurities as you look down at a thigh that just expanded twice its size. I say current struggles because a few weeks ago I spent a weekend in Chicago focused on finding a different dress for my friend's wedding because the one I had originally picked "showed too much hips," instead of focusing on spending time with family or exploring the city. I mean, honestly. 


We kill too many hours worrying over how we look in a certain pair of jeans or staring at an outfit we love and wish we could buy but can't. Because for some reason, that outfit wouldn't look good on us. It looks good on that model, sure, but not us. I will leave myself one more, "I mean, honestly." I'm exasperated because we are drenched in insecurity. Everytime we look in the mirror: insecurity. And I kick myself for that. I will see a woman walking down the street who is bigger than I am, but she's rocking her outfit, hair, smile, and obviously her body. She looks gorgeous--stunning. She is drenched in confidence. 


People find their confidence in different ways, but mine comes from finding clothes that I feel good in. Although I admit that has taken some test runs. I have now finally discovered that buying low-waisted jeans = bad idea, that crop tops are not my thing (and will probably never be my thing), and that I look freaking good in a sleeved A-line dress with heels. I am also starting to appreciate a tight but classy skirt because this butt is big and it is great. That took time to figure out. Oh my word that took time. 


I'm not sure body confidence is innate, I'm not even sure it could be a constant thing--one day feels good, the next not so much. But I do know that finding your confidence is important. There's too much brainpower wasted in stressing over thigh dimples.


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