Appropriate Activities When It's This Dang Hot

Appropriate Activities When It's This Dang Hot

Appropriate Activities When It's This Dang Hot

If you’ve read any of my past blogs, you’ll know that I am from Minnesota so this whole Missouri heat thing is seriously kicking my a**. I have gradually had to cut down on my walks with my his dismay. Forgoing the noon adventure and pushing his evening walk to right when the sun sets. In other words, I avoid the outdoors like the plague. Some people genuinely enjoy hot weather. My sister, for example, thinks 90 degrees is “oh my god, perfect.” And those people can have fun when they’re outside. I get cranky and feel ill. No joke, I actually feel ill. So if you can manage humid, sticky, hot, gross, burning weather, good for you! But the rest of you, tune into wonderful activities you can do - no deodorant required!

A Movie Marathon - girlfriends and boyfriends allowed

Air conditioning is magical when you love to be covered with blankets on the couch (me, literally right now). Make a fruit salad or popcorn, bake cookies and stir up a cocktail, never get out of your pajamas and watch movies. Ah, heaven. I either stick to a theme or none at all when I want to veg’ out. Just pick your favorites or a series. You’ll have fun either way.

Work Out

And on the complete flip-side of movie marathon, get your blood pumping. Indoor activities, recommended. I enjoy classes like yoga, kickboxing, Spin, and Pilates. Going with friends can amp up your performance (competition can be a good thing) but going alone allows for more scary grimaces from your exhaustion and pain. Up to you!

Explore Your Creative Side

Two weekends ago I went to a pottery class and was there for four hours. I loved it! The employee walking me through throwing some clay as I just sat there, feeling slippery clay slide through my hands and attempted to make a mug. I’m terrible at it, but have so much clay left to use that the first three items I make are obviously going to be practice ones. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was practically therapy, creating something with my hands. Now I get to go back again and again to finish my pieces and start new ones! I also enjoy painting. Recently I bought an extreme paint-by-numbers canvas (check out VanGo™ Paintings) and have been slowly struggling away at that as well. Again, I’m really not good at either of these things, but I enjoy the focus it takes and the process of watching something come to be just by using my hands.

Read Read READ

I am also a book lover. Days “stuck” inside are perfect for expanding your mind and immersing yourself into a story. I spent three hours (if you knew me, you wouldn’t be surprised) this morning finishing a book, and this afternoon I’m headed to the library to pick up three more on this list. Check out my previous blog for reading recommendations, and also explore Pinterest and Google for other recommendations based on what kind of books you enjoy. Book lovers love to share their favorites, so it’s not too hard to find good ones.

Go Out to Eat

So you don’t have to spend all of your time indoors. You can move from the car to the restaurant, and say you went outside that day! I find joy in food, and restaurants tend to have good food, so restaurants tend to make me happy. It doesn’t matter where you go - to find good sushi, beer, burgers, tacos, Italian, cocktails, or dessert. Just bring good company! You’ll be there for hours.


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