All the Bags I Want (Right Now)

All the Bags I Want (Right Now)

All the Bags I Want (Right Now)

Lately, I don't leave the house without a purse. I have finally left the days of coin pouch/mini wallet/key holder lanyards and moved toward bigger things (literally). Year round, Sophie has a large selection of purses and clutches that work for any occasion. Here are a few of my oh-my-goodness, I-want-these, I-might-need-these bags. 

 This was my "professional" pick. I love the long, sharp, and structured lines on this bag. It's classy and it's navy. I love navy, it goes with nearly everything! 

Celeste $90

 This oversized clutch has me feeling something special. I adore the stitching along the sides and the multi-colored tassel brings so much fun and versatility to an otherwise simple clutch. Need I mention the cute saying on the front? So very Kate Spade ;)

Byron (in Pink) $49.50

I loved this bag as a big-purse choice. There is so much room for all of my endless stuff. The bag collapses and folds in elegant lines when you set it down, keeping it a casual choice without looking cheap.

YA9252  $74.50

 This little wristlet was my first choice for favorite bags (right now). It's a lovely mustard yellow that I keep imagining with multiple different outfits. A pop of color like this adds so much interest to a simple outfit. The wristlet is also big enough to fit all the necessities (including lipstick) but small enough to carry anywhere easily.  

Nappa Clutch/Wristlet $69.50


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