Brand Spotlight: Jacob Davis Denim

As someone who once worked at the Buckle I've tried on a lot of different denim brands and have went thru phases of favorites over the years. But I have to say one of my all time faves is Jacob Davis. As I've gotten a little older my love for super low rise denim has turned into disdain. They just will not stay up on me! So I've found an absolute love for a more mid-rise or barely low rise. Jacob Davis has just the right rise. High enough to ensure I don't show off anything when I bend over, but still below the belly button. The best part I'm not tugging them up every 5 minutes!  [caption width="1865" align="alignnone"] The Jacob Davis Uma Capri in Optic White[/caption]   The other plus to these jeans are the amazingly soft, quality denim they are made from! My particular favorites are the French terry styles. These are by far the softest most comfortable jeans I've ever even tried. Not to mention I can easily get 3-4 wears between washing as they hold their shape great.  [caption width="1024" align="alignnone"] The Jacob Davis Uma Ankle Skinny in Oceanview[/caption]  And with the quality of a designer brand, but at 1/3 or less the price of its designer counterparts, they are also a great value.   Be sure to stop by Sophie and try some on for yourself!


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